Usefull Information:


    • Expected death happened at home. Contact the doctor and your funeral plan company or directly to your funeral directors.

    • Sudden death happened at home: Contact your doctor or to the closest Police Station (112) The Police will contact an ambulance and will make the evaluation when a judicial process must be started. After that inform to your insurance company or funeral directors.

    • Death happened at the Hospital or Clinics: Inform to the medical staff when you already have a recommended funeral company, make the phone call yourself. You do not have to go ahead with the recommended by the hospital staff funeral company if you are not happy with their conditions. The access to the hospital is free. Do not sign any  authorization form if you are unsure about the conditions.

    • Suspicious death: The Police will contact the Judge .  transportation to the pathology  department will be ordered. The transport is carried out by a funeral company which has a contract with the court for doing the collect and transport to the coroner department.  They musn’t charge you for this transportation. The funeral parlour of your election will collect the deceased from the Pathologist.


    • You must have the NIE and passport of the deceased ready for the doctor, hospital, police or funeral directors.

    • A family member or close friend must provide the necessary information about the deceased and sign authorizations. A copy of the NIE or Passport of the reporter will be asked.

    • you do not have to conclude  the full funeral service the following day to the death. There is time enough for the organization.

    • Inform about the type of service within the next 48 hours after the death.

    • Registration and death certificates are obtained by the funeral directors: spanish and international death certificates.

    • The international death certificates do not require a special translation by the Consulate (excepting Norwegian and non european countries)

    • In Spain the cause of death is a private information, the spanish and international death certificates never shows the cause of the death.

    • Be informed about the conditions of the deceased’s bank account before to inform to the bank manager about the death. The 100% of the balance may be frozen or the 50% of the balance  when it is  joint account.