Funeral Services:




    We take care of all the paperwork, permits and preparations required for transporting the deceased to any place in Spain as promptly as possible.




    We handle all the paperwork required by the courts, medical authorities and consulates for transporting the coffin from Spain to any foreign country.
We provide special coffins, gasifiers and seals, we also handle preparation of the deceased and make flight arrangements.

    This process is the longest and most expensive of any kind of funeral. It takes approximately 5 days and, on some occasions, maybe even longer.
For international transport, we need to know the destination airport and the name of the cemetery or crematorium in the destination country where the deceased will be buried or cremated in advance.




    We take care of obtaining the permits and paying the fees required for burying the deceased in any cemetery in Spain.




    Cremations take place in our own crematorium at Pilar de la Horadada cemetery, where all the legal and sanitary requirements are strictly adhered to.
We have a wide selection of urns and solutions for the final destination of the ashes.